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Smoke Damage Cleaning Services

Smoke Damage Cleanup & Deodorization SErvices

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Full Service Smoke Damage Cleaning

Smoke damage, whether it be from a fire or cigarettes, it is imperative that you seek out a smoke damage restoration company to provide professional smoke and soot cleaning services. Using improper cleaning techniques or consumer level equipment will generally lead to ineffective cleaning and in some cases may even cause further damage.

At Hall Restoration, we have significant experience working with all types of smoke damage. Our team of smoke damage technicians are IICRC certified to handle your smoke and soot cleanup and will work to quickly restore your property.

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Types Of Smoke

There are three main types of smoke that we deal with at Hall Restoration. Smoke is a product of the materials burned in a fire, and because of this, the characteristics of the smoke can change significantly depending on the nature of the fire. The three types of smoke that we come across include wet smoke which is caused by the burning of plastics and other inorganic materials, then there is dry smoke which can be caused by the burning of wood or other organic materials, and lastly, there is petroleum smoke which comes from petroleum fires. 

Wet Smoke

Smoke Damage

Petroleum Smoke

Our Smoke Damage Cleaning Process

When you call Hall Restoration we will immediately send one of our smoke damage technicians to your property to review the damages caused by the fire. With this consultation our technician will collect all of the available information to prepare a repair plan for you with accurate cost and timeline projections.

The type of smoke will be dependent on the materials burned in the fire, and dependin on the type of smoke, we will have to address the soot using specific equipment and techniques. Removing this soot is the first step towards restoring your property and minimizing any further damage.

After the soot has been removed, our team will work diligently to identify and clean up any damaged materials. This step is crucial for preparing the property for the fire damage repairs.

Once the property is cleaned we can start on the repair process. Our technicians will identify the areas that need repair and begin to address the damage. Our team will work to restore any fire, smoke, and water damage that we find in order to fully restore your property to its pre-loss condition.

With all of our jobs, you can rely on the experts at Hall Restoration to maintain impeccable documentation throughout the process. This allows us to ensure that you recieve any and all insurance assistance that you are due, and that all repairs and damages have been accounted for.

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